Environmental Inspection

Concerned about the air quality of your home or business? Smell a musty or earthy odor? Did you recently have water damage or intrusion?

Jose Tech Inspection Services offers a range of indoor air quality inspections for your home or business.

We conduct physical inspection of the property, determining what type of testing is necessary. We can test for mold, VOCs (volatile organic compounds), moisture, and humidity.

We offer from a complete inspection (inside, outside or crawl space) to a more limited one that is specific to your needs. We give you a written report that includes photos, lab results, and recommendations. These recommendations include ways to eliminate the problem yourself or who you can call if the problem is beyond your own ability to resolve.

We cannot tell you for sure what a mold is without sending it to the lab. We use two different labs, depending on the information that you are looking for. Since there are over 10,000 molds in our environment, our service gives you the information you need to make an educated decision on how to eliminate it.

We have partnered with Home Air Check to provided another testing system that can help you find what may be causing issues in your home. This test looks for VOCs that may be in your breathing space, but at a level that you cannot smell. We have found a number of homes with gasoline vapors inside, which is causing health concerns.

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